118 Comedy helps us live with who we are – Steve Kaplan’s interview (part 2)

This is the second part of our interview with the comedy expert Steve Kaplan (heres is the first part). We talked about…

  • Steve’s workshops and the tools of comedy.
  • The comic equation.
  • Jim Carrey is more than what showed in Ace Ventura.
  • We are fool. We are stupid.
  • Drama vs. Comedy.
  • To bean or not to bean.
  • James Bond vs Johnny English.
  • We use the comic equation.
  • The comic premise: a lie that tells the truth.
  • Indiana Jones is not a comedy, Roger! Shut up!
  • How to get a good comic premise.
  • Woody Allen’s 10 minutes method.
  • The first epiphany of Carles.
  • The Hidden Tools of Comedy applied to Stand-Up Comedy.
  • The second epiphany of Carles.
  • The rule of the 3 acts that can be broken.
  • What makes a comedian be successful.
  • Comedy in other cultures.
  • Artificial Intelligence is not funny.

Show notes

Episode: 117 Steve Kaplan, the Socrates of Comedy.

Episode: 97 Comentando el libro “The Hidden Tools of Comedy” de Steve Kaplan 

Web: Kaplan Comedy

Youtube: Howie Mandel at his Best

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