117 Steve Kaplan, the Socrates of Comedy

AVISO: De forma excepcional, este episodio es en inglés. En un episodio futuro comentaremos en español lo que Steve Kaplan nos contó en la entrevista.

This is the first part of our interview with Steve Kaplan (here is the second one). We talked about…

  • Carles and Roger speak in English.
  • Who is our very special guest?
  • Steve would like to come to Barcelona.
  • What happened in Twitter between Steve and Carles.
  • Steve liked very much episode 97.
  • How did Steve fell in love with Comedy.
  • The long journey of Steve.
  • Steve is pretty young.
  • Steve was a bad actor.
  • Steve is the Socrates of comedy.
  • Steve is an artistic director.
  • Steve was scared to do Stand-Up Comedy.
  • Prisoners are good at Improv.
  • Comedy is telling the truth about yourself.
  • Don’t chase the joke.
  • Being funny, being comic.
  • Carles and Roger are almost married.
  • 6 toes, man!
  • Roger is very funny when gets naked.

Show notes

Episode: 97 Comentando el libro “The Hidden Tools of Comedy” de Steve Kaplan 

Book: The Comic Hero’s Journey: Serious Story Structure for Fabulously Funny Films  by Steve Kaplan

Book: The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.

Web: Kaplan Comedy

Book: The Hidden Tools of Comedy by Steve Kaplan

Amazon Prime Video: The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel

Episode: 118 Comedy helps us live with who we are – Steve Kaplan’s interview (part 2)

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